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New client – Candy Box, Ahhh, the sweet smell of success! July 2021

Candy Box is a brilliant new concept delivering specialist sweets and snacks to customers’ homes in the Brighton area.
Due to the success of this, Candy Box had a vision to open a number of stores. A proof of concept store was chosen and they began trading in April 2021, whereupon, it was realised that a self service kiosk that could take both cash and card for customers coming into the store would be a fabulous addition. The PK250 kiosk from Payment Kiosks was chosen as it could take both coin, notes and debit/credit card aswell as giving change. The 32” QHD touchscreen was essential for viewing all the products clearly. This was installed in July 2021 and has proved a great success.

New Client - West Midlands Golf Club, April 2021

Golf clubs are reopening! Yes! Lockdown restrictions are starting to be lifted in the UK. One of the first steps is the reopening of outdoor leisure facilities, which is wonderful news for our new client, ‘West Midlands Golf Club’ This club, located in Solihull, is home to the UK’s longest hole, "The Devil" hole which is only the third 6 Par hole in Great Britain! The team at Payment Kiosks Ltd are getting ready to install the first of 3, cash-only kiosks to streamline the payment of cash within their club.

National rollout begins, March 2021

The picture shows the first batch of 102 kiosks to be installed in May to a UK high street retailer. These are being loaded onto the ship on 12th April - hope Suez Canal is totally unblocked soon! Payment Kiosks Ltd are supplying the complete self-service solution, including software and hardware to nearly 200 stores in total. We are integrated into the shops and head office completely with our innovative software platform. Pricing and stock can all be changed INSTANTLY - and complete visibility of all orders placed is just part of the solution! Wonder who it can be?

Asda trial Fragrance Point kiosk, February 2021

Asda trial a 32” touchscreen kiosk at their flagship store selling Fragrance Point branded perfumes & aftershaves direct to customers – saving a lot of shelf space!

Fry Magazine, October 2020

We are featured in Fry Magazine. Please see page 28 for full article.

Fry Magazine, October 2020 (article #2)

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Fastfood Professional, October 2020

We are featured in Fastfood Professional magazine. Please see page 20 for full article and note that we made the front cover!

Fry Magazine, September 2020

Payment Kiosks are in Industry leading Fry Magazine, please see article from September’s issue.